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    At PayZorro we create solutions around specific domains that are unique and individual to each industry. From BFSI to Healthcare, our AI and Machine Learning based solutions solve problems greater than just the issue of payment itself. Our advanced technology is able to see gaps in process flows and provide an answer, often before the question even arises.
    Being one of its kind, PayZorro provides intelligent, end-to-end solutions whenever an industry level problem presents itself. As a subsidiary of ATS – a company that has been dedicated to providing solutions to the Banking and Financial Services sector for over two decades, payZorro is following in the footsteps of its parent company and carrying forward its rich legacy.
    Experience makes you better at recognizing a sign of early risk in credit, but this takes a long time to master. Also, humans are prone to make mistakes. Instinct may guide you incorrectly. So, your organization cannot rely solely on human instinct and experience. Similarly, technology cannot fully rely on either – they can falsely identify cases and flag them. We have seen that happening. Timely intervention and a well-adjusted course of action could mean the difference between on-track payments or a non-performing portfolio.
    Therefore, you must enable your servicing teams to respond effectively to early warning signs. This is the area of expertise for ATS. We combine significant human experience and state-of-the-art technical skills to help your company spot early signs of risk in credit to minimize losses and capitalize on profit.
    We’re looking directly at the future while working firmly in the present. Want to partner with us?

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    Chairman-Founder of payZorro
    As an entrepreneur, Tushar has leveraged his experience and skill in the area of risk management to provide select services to the Banking and Insurance industry.


    Managing Director
    Aditya has been closely involved with the cross-sell services division at ATS Services’ the parent company behind payZorro and he has worked with some of the largest consumer banking and card franchises in the country.


    Vice President Sales & Business Development
    Prashant has been the mastermind behind several Technology and analytics-enabled solutions for customer life cycle management & Corporate receivables management in India and Abroad.